Consulting with Kareem Assassa

Kareem Assassa

Kareem Assassa is a natural born entrepreneur. He left his last year of high school to join the workforce and acquired his first job as a cell phone salesman in a kiosk at a mall. He learned how to manage constant rejection in sales and thrived within the retail environment. His natural sales abilities lead him into a medical diagnostic equipment consultant role. At the age of 19, he became the youngest consultant for a medical diagnostic company in Beverly Hills and created a six-figure income by the end of his first year.

At the age of 22, Kareem Assassa decided to pursue one of his childhood dreams and started a professional production studio. He began producing, recording, and mastering music across several genres. He produced and recorded hundreds of tracks with recording artists from all over the world. Kareem cherished music more and more as a listener and so he invested most of his energy into his own professional development. Over the next several years, Kareem’s love for sales continued to thrive, as did a newfound hobby. While visiting his camera enthusiast cousins in Europe, Kareem was introduced to photography. He immediately immersed himself in it.

His new hobby quickly developed into a profitable passion so at the age of 25, Kareem Assassa started his second business. His photography became most popular amongst the affluent of Beverly Hills. He was often requested to photograph renowned entrepreneurs and key industry leaders. He befriended many of his clients and was wildly curious to learn about their journey to success. He sought mentorship and was inspired to pursue a college education. He immediately decided to pursue a degree in organizational leadership with a specialization in project management. He graduated with honors within 18 months of beginning the online degree program.

Kareem Assassa

Motivated to apply his newly acquired knowledge, Kareem Assassa transitioned into a business development role in a leading cosmetic surgery training association and expanded his professional network in Beverly Hills. His educational foundation served him well as he thrived in his role. Using his project and operational management knowledge, Kareem overhauled the entire operation and secured international partnerships that drove the association into the global market. With a personally deepened appreciation for online education, Kareem revisited his love for entrepreneurship at age 32 and helped create the world’s first online academy dedicated to the field of aesthetic medicine, dental aesthetics and cosmetic surgery training. In addition, he started a specialized business and project management consulting firm that has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs pursue their business goals.

Kareem Assassa currently serves as the Co-Founder & CEO of International Academy of Aesthetics, Founder & CEO of Pursue Solutions, Founder of The Beverly Hills Photographer, is a Keynote Speaker for The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and works with The Global Licensing Group within the licensing industry.

Kareem Assassa is an avid writer who especially enjoys crafting short quotes. Kareem summarizes his most intimate experiences through his words and written quotes. Through his writing, Kareem inspires, motivates and attracts clients to his business consulting & project management firm.

With his business clients, Kareem calls upon his knowledge in organizational leadership and project management to put together personalized strategies to help them achieve their business goals. Kareem shares his deepest trials and tribulations in business along with his Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Business™ courses, Best Practices From Failing™ and Top Lessons Learned™ handouts to help his clients understand the process of starting a business, succeeding in business and the bounce back from failing in business.

Kareem also spends a portion of his time mentoring and coaching his closest connections: his friends, his family and mostly, his personal clients. Kareem’s personal clients count on his coaching abilities to help them take the first steps towards their dreams. Under Kareem’s coaching, clients realize what it is that they truly desire most in life. He helps his clients understand their inner calling, helps them realize their purpose in life and helps them define their dreams so that they may work towards accomplishing them. His ultimate goal is to motivate his clients to take the actions necessary to begin living a better life; a life of their dreams.

“I establish a deep connection with my clients and help them find their inner calling. It is my role to coach them and it is their responsibility to take action in this process. The purpose is to help them realize their potential, guide them along their transformation, and motivate them to take the first steps towards their dream life, whatever it may be,” says Kareem Assassa.