Our Company

Pursue Solutions specializes in business services and project management solutions. At its core, these services are aimed at achieving specific outcomes with limited resources and tight time constraints. Through our professional expertise in business services and project management, we empower individuals to pursue their dreams by providing effective planning, meticulous organization, and conscientious management. Our approach involves mapping out entire business projects, uncovering solutions for a range of challenges, and driving key objectives while minimizing risks. With our unique methodology, we transform our clients’ ideas into tangible results with favorable outcomes. Our clientele includes small businesses, startups, med spas, cosmetic surgery centers, online retailers, and educational organizations.

Our Approach

1. Initiating

We meticulously evaluate project ideas to assess their potential benefits for the client. This initial phase involves a thorough decision-making process to ascertain the feasibility of completing the project.

2. Planning

We will document a comprehensive project plan detailing the tasks to be undertaken. In this phase, we will collaboratively prioritize the project, establish a budget and timeline, and identify the necessary resources.

3. Executing

Tasks are allocated to resources in accordance with the project plan, and key individuals are briefed on their respective tasks and responsibilities. With the commencement of project tasks, the plan is set in motion. Any new information that arises is evaluated, and adjustments to the plan are made as needed.

4. Controlling

As resources execute the scheduled work, the project manager continuously assesses project status and progress against the original plan. At this stage, the project manager may need to make schedule adjustments, reallocate resources, and take necessary actions to ensure the project remains on course.

5. Closing

Upon the completion of project tasks, an evaluation is undertaken. This involves documenting lessons learned and formally closing the project. Meanwhile, new ideas are consistently entertained for potential implementation in future projects.

Our Contacts