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Running a business is no easy task. Often times, there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. Creating a website is one of those tasks. Don’t cut corners on this one. Every business needs a professional, user-friendly website that gives customers a good first impression. Professional websites leave customers engaging with the business, the brand and most importantly the products and services. Pursue Solutions specializes in professional website design, development and maintenance services for your business. We will work closely with you from the planning stages to the final implementation and launch of your website. We will infuse your branding into the website to match the look and feel of your corporate identity. Our skilled team of web developers will design, develop and maintain your fully optimized website bringing your business to life. Our website design and development service is streamlined, simple and fast. So fast, that we can launch your website in as little as just 45 days. Whether you are looking for a basic website or a more complex set of website solutions, we can help!

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Our Approach to Website Design & Development

Phase 1

Consultation & Research

Phase 2

Website Design Begins

Phase 3

Submit for Review

Phase 4

Development Begins

Phase 5

Website Launch

During our initial consultation, we will learn about your business. We want to get to know you, your products and services, your strengths, your competition, and your goals so we can begin designing and developing your website. If you do not already have a website, then our web design experts will begin gathering samples of website designs for your review. During this process, they will also consult with you to better understand your corporate identity. From there, they will create a preliminary website design that brings your ideas, branding, and corporate identity to life. If you already have a website then our web developers will thoroughly assess your current website and webpages. They will make detailed notes on what is good, but more importantly, what needs to be improved and create a brand new website design for your review. From there, our web developers will begin developing your website based on your approved design. They will create drafts of copyright for your website while using the correct title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, and alt attributes which are all variables for creating an optimized website. They will create your website’s URL structure while identifying opportunities to include keywords to help rank your website rank higher on Google. Additionally, our website developers will create a mobile friendly version of your website so that end user’s get an optimized experience on their mobile and table devices. This is especially important now that Google penalizes and de-ranks websites that are not considered mobile friendly.

What’s Your Website’s Performance Score?

GTmetrix is a widely used tool in the web development industry that analyzes our client’s webpage speed performance. Using Page Speed and YSlow, GTmetrix generates scores for our client’s websites while our web development team strives to push our client’s website performance score to the highest attainable level. Our website developers will conduct quality control checks on your website to achieve the highest score on GTmetrix to assure that your website’s performance is within the top 20th percentile. We personally strive for 80% or higher for all websites. You may click here to view the actual GTmetrix Performance Score results for this website.

Upon completion of optimizing, we will jointly go through your new website, make any final revisions and ultimately launch it into the marketplace!

Website Design & Development 45-Day Process


Website Design Planning20%


Web Design Begins40%

Web Development Begins60%


Website Testing80%



Website Completed100%


Website Design & Development Pricing

Business can be complicated, why complicate it anymore? That’s why we use simple, all-inclusive packages for all of our services. Below are our all-inclusive Website Design and Development Packages that are aimed to provide a full solution for any company, organization or individual looking to create a solid website. Each and every client will receive a fully customized approach based on his or her specific needs and goals. Each package includes an in-depth description of the services provided to give you an idea of what you can expect when working with our agency.

Every Website Design & Development Package includes:

Domain & Hosting Plan

Web Page Layout & Design

Stock Images

Blogging Capability

Contact Form

Mobile Friendly

Complete Installation

Maintenance & Updates